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Battery Brands Carried by Amarillo Battery & Golf Car

East Penn Manufacturing Batteries

East Penn Manufacturing (producer of the Deka line of batteries) is the world's largest and most modern single-site battery manufacturing facility.

These are a few of the state-of-the-art technology developed by East Penn Manufacturing.

  • Advanced Life Systems: An exclusive life protection system preserves the battery's performance throughout its service life.
  • Advance Power-Perform Plates: An efficient network of current carrying conductors and power storage material optimizes the battery's power system.
  • Advance Durability Designs: Durability is systematically engrained into the battery with precision-crafted manufacturing and heavy-duty internal components.
  • Finest Internal Components: Advanced-Cubed (A3) technology utilizes internal components made with the finest life extending and power producing materials such as the purest electrolyte and specially formulated oxide.

Deka Batteries

Whatever your energy needs, Deka delivers.

Deka has the enviable reputation of making the best batteries money can buy: flooded lead-acid, gel, and absorbed glass mat. The computer-controlled manufacturing processes are unrivaled.

A Deka battery means "dependability," and that means peace of mind. Deka has been satisfying enery needs and customizing energy solutions for over 60 years.

Golf Car Brands Carried by Amarillo Battery & Golf Car

We sell and lease both new and used golf cars!
Our team of trained professionals also service and repair golf cars from every manufacturer.

Whether you are golfing, camping, transporting passengers, or cruising and maintaining your property, we have the right golf car to fit your needs.

Yamaha Golf Cars

Yamaha builds golf cars to make more than one appearance. Tough guys from the word go, under your direction they're easily reconditioned and retrofitted for years of additional performance in an astonishing variety of roles.

Yamaha Concierge Golf CarsNothing is unimportant; everything is worthy of painstaking work. This is Yamaha's approach to designing the finest golf car. Deep in the DNA of Yamaha DRIVE is everything they've learned from their motorcycles, ATVs, and watercraft, including the ability to build with fewer parts, which leads to lighter weight, which leads to superior hill-climbing ability, a 100% greaseless chassis, and the lowest maintenance costs in the business.

Standard features of the Yamaha DRIVE Concierge series include:

  • Automotive-Style Dash
  • Tru-Trak II Fully Independent Front Suspension
  • EnduraDrive Transaxle with Internal Disc Brake Technology
  • Rear Seat Grab Handle
  • Mid-Body Seat Storage
  • Largest, Most Comfortable Seat in the Industry
  • Floor-Mounted Horn
  • Side Reflectors
  • Head and Taillights

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