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Deka Lawn And Garden Batteries

Rugged Small Engine-Lawn & Garden Batteries for maintenance-free performance.

  • Deka Outdoorsman Batteries deliver plenty of cranking amps to power tractors and recreational vehicles across the roughest terrain.
  • The flush cover Group U1 is calcium maintenance-free, eliminating the need to add water and the danger of harmful acid spills and lost vent caps.
  • These flush cover batteries deliver more power-per-pound and longer storage life season after season.
  • Special envelope separators protect all sides of the plates, preventing internal shorting and providing superior cranking capacity.
  • Deka Outdoorsman Batteries have the power to perform in winter's bitter cold and summer's scorching heat and are made in the U.S.A.
  • Tough lightweight polypropylene cases resist breakage under the roughest conditions.

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