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The Deka Pro Master Battery will give you all the power you need to get through two rounds comfortably without needing a recharge - providing it is maintained and charged correctly.

This series of batteries include a variety of design features that allow for easy watering and installation, faster maintenance turnaround times and longer cycle life.

The Deka Pro Master Battery is made with pride by quality craftsmen in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and subjected to the right quality control during every phase.

Trojan Golf Cart Batteries

Built to deliver superior performance, durability and reliability, these batteries are Trojan's flagship line and can meet the challenges of the toughest, hilliest courses in the world.

  • Trojan's proprietary Maxguard® Advanced Design Separator and exclusive Alpha Plus® paste formulation team up to increase battery life, extend run time and decrease maintenance.
  • Durability, reliability and proven technology mean you can depend on Trojan batteries for consistent performance day in and day out.
  • Outstanding technical support is available on the phone or on the web.

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